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Deer Hunting "Tech Tips"... Add a tip or two.

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Deer Hunting "Tech Tips"... Add a tip or two.

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 10 14, 2020 •  [Post 1]

Yes, deer..... the other red meat ;). Share a tip or two for hunting these cagey critter that folks can store away in their tool kit.

Tip #1. Many, many moons ago on an elk hunt (had a deer tag also) outside of the tiny town of D______, Montana, I had an interesting phenomenon occur that I'll never forget. Packs on our back (heading in to a quasi wilderness area, about 1/2 way in to our destination roughly 2 miles up the trail), rifled shouldered, walking along a rare flat and fairly open area, late/mid morning..... "it" happened. Cruising along the established trail, again... in a fairly open area (pretty wide flat, maybe 70-80 yards across) with just some scrub brush and scattered 3-4' saplings in it, something made me stop and turn around. There, not 25-30 yards behind me, was an absolute pig of a buck standing broadside in the trail (think non-typical, stupid wide and tall, pig of a buck), giving me the stink eye. He was obviously bedded close to the trail, behind/in what I don't know, watched and let us pass, and only after we'd passed, he stood up and headed out. Over the years, I've taken that well learned tip and used it over and over, for all forms of big game hunting. You know what, those sneaky suckers, whitetails/blacktails in particular, will certainly stay put as you walk almost right by/over them. Look back often when you're out hunting for deer.
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Re: Deer Hunting "Tech Tips"... Add a tip or two.

Postby Roosiebull » 10 14, 2020 •  [Post 2]

Adapt to what you are doing... patience is king with any deer hunting.... if you are glassing, then glass... don’t breeze through country throwing your binos up scanning the best looking spots... slow down, get your glass on a tripod, and use your glass! I think most don’t have the patience to be as effective as they could be... way better off picking apart country from one vantage all morning vs quickly scanning from 10... if it’s good habitat that holds sign, know there is a buck there... you just have to find it.

Still hunting.... patience!!! Slow your butt down, don’t drink too much coffee before going still hunting ;) chill out, take your time, and pick everything apart....
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