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I feel goood!

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I feel goood!

Postby Lefty » 10 10, 2020 •  [Post 1]

My wife told me to go deer hunting,,, really, she nearly insisted.

Woke up before the alarm. Took care of the pup,.. headed down the road. 4 trucks at out unloading location :o
Two big camps
Up the hill on the ATV,.. boots on the ground for a ways , Legal shooting time.
Past some memorable locations.
My daughters first buck.
A use to be ATV trail
The lost sheepdog pup.
the 36 dead sheep.
A truck blocking the horse access
Little kid footprints
1 1/3 miles, only 200 foot elevation.
Never saw a deer.
Opening day and never heard a shot

A dozen or so grouse. Going back with the.22
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