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whitetail scrapes

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whitetail scrapes

Postby wawhitey » 08 29, 2020 •  [Post 1]

So ive done some mock scrapes and had pretty good results from them. One time watched several bucks work one, right after the other, at first light in november. They basically just lined up and took turns.
This year, on may 5th i found a big primary scrape in an area im scouting, intending to place stands. I set a camera up pointed at the scrape, seemed like a good spot even without the scrape. I went back and checked the cam a few days ago (looked at pics on viewer and put card back in cam) and ill be damned, theyve been working the scrape this whole time, may, june, july, august. Bucks actually pawing up the dirt, pissing, licking branch, the whole 9 yards. Does coming and checking it and working the licking branch. Anazing how much activity it was getting in the spring. Really changes the way i look at scrapes now. Ill post pics when i actually swap cards next time im there. Obe buck looked like a really good one.
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Re: whitetail scrapes

Postby Lefty » 08 29, 2020 •  [Post 2]

Kinda cool to see such action.
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