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first time targeting dogs

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first time targeting dogs

Postby Roosiebull » 10 25, 2017 •  [Post 1]

the last few days, my brother in law and I have been calling coyotes quite a bit over east, my first time ever really targeting them, and it was very clear, very fast why I don't accidentally call in more dogs while lion hunting over here on the coast.

I learned pretty quick strategy is very important, and it took a bit to dial it in a little. I think next time I go over there it will be quite easy to stack them up.

I was blown away how predictable they are, there were only a couple sets out of a bunch where we didn't call in (verified) a coyote. the times we didn't call any in was during 20+mph wind.

I don't know if all coyotes are the same, I don't know how pressured the coyotes were that we were hunting, but these were all the exact same...

we start the call (every day we had at least a steady breeze) and most show between 2-6 minutes, about 25% between 7-15 minutes, and none after that. (relatively small sample size of around 20 coyotes in 15ish sets)

every one is trotting along pretty quick, and they don't slow down until they are close to your wind...that is the opportunity, and it was a short opportunity, they seem to stay 100-250yds out while they circle, so shots were tough, especially in thick sage.

it was pretty frustrating either not getting a shot, or a long hurried shot off hand with no follow up opportunity, they know how to use cover once you shoot to stay out of sight I forgot shooting sticks which was the biggest mistake.

we had fun, and shot 4, missed an embarrassing number

last night we heard them around 8pm behind his house, they own almost 500 acres, so lots of opportunity for what we did then we decided to grab a flashlight, and improvise a night set, we walked out about a 1/4 miles, we got in one of the feeders, and started the call, he had the gun, I had the light.

I started scanning with the light, and before long (like 3 minutes) I pick up eyes! I followed them as good as I could with the flash light, and here he comes, closer than in daylight, but still going for our wind.

my brother in law was having a hard time finding it in the scope, but finally did and shot...we don't know if we got that one, but we were excited. it seemed like it shouldn't work, but it did, and worked well!

we decided to further test this theory, and do a set that really seemed unlikely, but maybe we will learn something. we drove out to a pivot, maybe 4" live alfalfa, wide open as could be, I left my high beams on, and walked out and set the call 20yds in front of the pickup.

the call ran about a minute, I was scanning the sides with the flash light, and here are eyes hopping along..i say "here's one" my brother in law says "yeah right..." followed by "****!" as he looked, it was almost instant! in a wide open pivot.

that one circled pretty close, and I did the lip squeak (as seen on tv) to stop it, and it worked, and he dumped that one about 20 yds behind my pickup, and it was a big one...really big.

that was it for the night, the temp was dropping below our clothing, so we called it. it was a fun 6 days over there, I learned a BUNCH about coyotes. it snowed one day, we went up in the hills the next day, and that was the worst roads I have drove on with the freshly melted snow, the lower flat roads were a mess, got my pickup covered in mud. one point we tried to take a spur up, I turned the wheel and started giving it some gas, and it just kept going straight like I didn't even turn the wheel...slick

we finally decided we better get out of there, nobody was around, and there was nothing but sage to try to winch out if we got stuck. the wind was ripping anyways, so the calling wasn't worth the road conditions.

we walked out one spot, and we got about 6" of mud stuck to our shoes, and you cannot get that stuff off, like walking in the snow with felt wading boots. it was fun anyways, we saw some very fresh lion scat, and called in one coyote there, and I found some really cool volcanic rocks, the driving was fun too, but seemed like we were pushing our luck in that sense.

I may try calling some coyotes here now, knowing their tendencies, and realizing why I don't call many, you have to think out your set to have a chance, or have a calm frosty morning....give them cover to your wind....you don't have a chance.
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Re: first time targeting dogs

Postby Lefty » 11 12, 2017 •  [Post 2]

The uniqueness of your hunts
how predictable they are
was how predictable,.. while many traits are similar.
Some day you will see one hang up at 1000 yards, or 500, and nothing will bring it closer,another day you will have one sneak in like a cat,.. never bothering to get downwind.
And if they have been shot at,... often a totally different scenario.
Friday I had a coyote in the sage brush and wouldn't enter a wheat field( I was goose hunting but I thought I could bring him) in that will only howl back,

Am I sensing a new addiction?? :lol:
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Re: first time targeting dogs

Postby Roosiebull » 11 13, 2017 •  [Post 3]

I don't think a new addiction, but certainly something else to do when I head east :D I truly love it over there, it's the only place I have ever been that truly feels like vacation, I like more excuses to head over for a few days. I do think my misconception of coyote hunting could last awhile. I don't do it at home, if i'm calling, it's for lions.

my brother in law will not be hunting them until I get back over there, and we have a bunch of access to private land, so I will hunt them for 5 days at a time, about every 3 or 4 months, they may never really get savvy, if they do, I will welcome the new challenge :)

I guarantee there will be less witnesses next time, shooting sticks are a must, shots seem to be 150 yds and hurried for the most part, and that's easy to mess up off hand, especially on a small one.
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Re: first time targeting dogs

Postby jmez » 01 17, 2018 •  [Post 4]

They will get much more savvy with repeated calling. You were likely hunting unpressured coyotes. When they come trotting in within a few minutes and you are calling them in every stand those are the young from that year. The first few trips out for the year are always the most productive. Once you get the young ones out of the way then it gets tough.

If going back to the area where you missed a bunch of them use different sounds than you did last time. They learn very quickly.

A lot of coyote hunters in SD. I prefer distress sounds from animals not found around here. Works far better than the standard rabbit calls.

Do some reading on vocalizations. As they get more educated they respond much better to coyote sounds than prey in distress stuff.
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