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Prime Rib Smoking

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Prime Rib Smoking

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 11 16, 2017 •  [Post 1]

Gonna smoke up a prime rib roast for thanksgiving. Anybody have a tried and true recipe?
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Re: Prime Rib Smoking

Postby jmez » 12 05, 2017 •  [Post 2]

Did you smoke the prime rib?

All I've done for beef is brisket and it hasn't been very good. I havne't figured out beef in the smoker yet
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Re: Prime Rib Smoking

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 12 07, 2017 •  [Post 3]

Mez... I did one on Thanksgiving and it really came out excellent! I just used the instructions I found on the Masterbuilt page. I waited till the internal temp got to around 150 before taking it out. If I remember correctly, is was around 5 1/2 hours? Used apple chips for the chips. Here's the MB recipe I used (I followed the recommended temps pretty close and added a bit of Alpine Touch/Hickory to the dry rub):

•1 (4 to 6 lbs.) prime rib roast
•1/4 tablespoon onion powder
•1/8 tablespoon garlic powder
•1 tablespoon black pepper
•1 tablespoon white pepper
•1 tablespoon paprika
•1 tablespoon red pepper
•1 tablespoon kosher salt

1. Place prime rib in a large pan. In a small bowl, combine all dry ingredients and mix well. Season roast with the mixture and let stand for 30 to 45 minutes.
2. Load the wood tray with one small handful of wood chips and preheat the smoker to 250° F.
3. Place roast, fat side up, directly on rack in smoker. Reduce temperature to 225° F and add more wood chips. Add extra wood chips every 1 to 1 1/2 hours during cooking time.
4. Using meat thermometer to check temperature, cook until desired temperature is reached. (See temperatures below. Remember, meat will continue to cook for a few minutes when taken out of the smoker and covered with aluminum foil.)
5. Once you have removed the prime rib, cover it with foil and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes before cutting. This will help keep prime rib warm and juicy.
6. Doneness Chart: 125°F Rare, 135°F Medium-Rare, 145°F Medium, 155°F Medium-Well, 165°F Well Done (John doesn't recommend Well Done for a prime rib.)

For medium rare to medium, the cooking time is approximately 4 to 6 hours. (1 hour per pound.)
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Re: Prime Rib Smoking

Postby pointysticks » 12 29, 2017 •  [Post 4]

150?!! my butcher would not like you :) (to each their own, bud..just razzing you)

i did mine this holiday in the oven. old school. i have done it in my Weber kettle before. i used that "snake" charcoal method.

both times..almost 2.5 hours. i target 125, and pull it out to rest to 133..for a rare/med rare.

the sucky part of doing outside, is the lack of cooked bits in the pan to build my AuJus from..which is what i use if somebody wants their slice cooked more. i bath it in the simmering Au Jus until i get to the target cooked level.

i think meat only has a finite amount of smoke it can handle. has to do with surface moisture. i read it in a science cookbook once. so it is the first hour of cooking that adds the smoke flavor.
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Re: Prime Rib Smoking

Postby lamrith » 01 09, 2018 •  [Post 5]

I have always avoided prime rib because I always considered it a "premium" cut. Coupled with the fact that my wife and I could never cook steaks decently I avoided the risk of ruining $1-2-300 worth of meat being clueless. A couple years ago I bought my 1st pellet grill, since replaced by a nicer one and in the last 2 years I have ventured into steaks and chops with great success.

Well I finally took the punge and cooked my 1st ever prime rib for Christmas dinner. Not sure if others caught it, but Safeway/Albertsons here in WA had a sweet sale going on Choice grade prime rib. $5.77/# with club card, $4.77 with club card and $50 purchase(no flier/sale items), $3.98/# with Card, $50 and coupon. Found out about the non sale items the hard way as wife went to buy the roast and a pork loin crown(on sale) and did not make the $50. DOH! $5.77 still was a heck of a deal.

Picked up a 8# roast, about the right size for 7 adults..
I saw a few people recommending to dry age, etc, but I kept it simple.

8# Roast (3Rib roast with ribs cut off but re-attached with butcher twine)
Olive Oil
Montreal Steak seasoning.

  • After Christmas Eve Dinner I pulled it out of packaging. I trimmed it up a little bit to get rid of some of the extraneous fat and leave a nice thin, uniform fat layer.
  • Light sprinkle and spread of olive oil to hold the rub in place.
  • Heavy coating of Montreal steak seasoning on all sides.
  • In the fridge open overnight to let oil and rub set in.
  • Fired up the grill around 11:30 christmas day and set it to 225* to preheat, pulled the roast out of frindge at the same time.
  • Roast went on around noon.
  • I pulled off rectec at same temp around 5:15 when it hit 125*.
  • Let it rest under foil while oven climbed to 550. Roast climbed too 130*IT.
  • Threw it in 550* oven for 6min to bark it up a bit. I think it shot up to around 135-140* Internal, I cannot recall exactly.
WOW, what a treat and I am now a fan of this cut of meat and plan to do it again! Pictures do not do justice, makes look overdone, might have been a hair for some, but juicy, tender and pink all the way thru!! May start earlier next time, so can rest longer before searing and keep that max temp down a bit. I know some people will let it rest a few hours before the final "sear"

Rubbed with Olive oil and Monterey steak seasoning and in fridge overnight.
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Post 6min Sear @550
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Sliced up and ready to eat!
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We did this on Christmas so we were able to sprint to Safeway on the 26th for the last day of the sale. Picked up the very last whole roast they have 14# untrimmed/cut. I broke it down into two 2rib roasts and a bunch of nice thick steaks then vacuum sealed them all. One roast and 2 steaks I rubbed with Montreal before Vac seal. We will see if/how it seasons them.
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