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Elk sloppy joes

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Elk sloppy joes

Postby Jhg » 01 24, 2023 •  [Post 1]

An old standby. This batch is from bull elk neck meat. He was shot before rutting up and was a clean bull so the meat was excellent.
Tweek the ingredients as you see fit. For example, I add more catsup if I have spicy variety around and delete the tomato paste. I also season to taste the chili powder until its just how we like it. More onion, more elk. You get the idea.

DFF07731-268C-4DD5-AB82-48FA6158453A.jpeg (27.3 KiB) Viewed 418 times
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Re: Elk sloppy joes

Postby Lefty » 02 27, 2023 •  [Post 2]

double the butter pepper flakes brown sugar :P
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Re: Elk sloppy joes

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 03 27, 2023 •  [Post 3]

That sounds awesome. I have a SJ recipe that works fine but…. this yours looks top shelf. Saved… thanks.
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