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What havent you eaten.

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What havent you eaten.

Postby Lefty » 02 14, 2021 •  [Post 1]

When my brother was trapping in Mississippi they had a bunch of people lined up to skin their fur, and buy the carcasses.
One gal traded them meat for meals,.. my brother blames 30lbs on his waist from her.

A bunch of trappers always had a feed at trapping conventions so I about tried it all,..Ive never had good tasting skunk possum or coon.
I've had coyote and lion, bobcat, but never mink or fox
Alligator, snake, lizards, fish and all sorts of squirmy stuff from the ocean,

While living in Washington stated we made lots of crabbing clamming and shrimping trips

As a trapper in Minnesota beaver meat was my freezer meat. hams were ground and mixed with pork or beef fat. Even had a butcher process all sorts of tasty meats.
Backstraps from 2 year old beaver were my strip steak. For many years my dad had people and groups lined up for beaver carcasses. My brother was often requested to bring his cooker for of BBQ beaver to all sorts of gatherings

Ive never had good sturgeon or catfish,

Whats your tastes , likes and dislikes
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Re: What havent you eaten.

Postby GoGriz1234 » 02 17, 2021 •  [Post 2]

I grew up fishing in the pacific so we would often have yellow tail, blue fin, squid, and rockfish for dinner. A buddy and I caught a mako shark as big as our boat in high school which made the best fish tacos I have ever had. I have tried mountain lion and bear and think both are very palatable with the right preparation. The more I read up on and delve into Mexican cooking, the more I am looking to catch a few wild boars and maybe a jalavina to experiment with. I caught a marmot last year to practice my tanning skills (or lack there of) and I didn’t eat it - if I get another one this year I think I am going to cook it up and see what it tastes like. It’s funny, the more I read and taste things that traditionally are “exotic” or “taboo”, the more I realize that some of the constraints or reservations on food that we have as a society as a whole are silly or rooted in a very different time.
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