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Sous Vide?

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Sous Vide?

Postby Indian Summer » 11 03, 2019 •  [Post 1]

Since elk season is winding down.... sniff sniff :cry: I’ve seen some guys talking about different cooking methods. Some are asking how to make the most of the cuts of meat that can be a little tough. A common reply is “sous vide”.

For those not aware it’s a method where you season your meat then vac seal it adding a marinade if you choose to, and then cooking it in water. The sous vide circulator heats the water to an exact temperature but also circulates it in the container so there are no cold or warm spots.

A steak house can prep 50 steaks if they want and have them all resting at the various temps for rare, medium rare, medium etc until a customer places and order. If the temp is set the meat will never go over that making over cooking impossible. Once ordered they remove it from the container and sear both sides on high heat and serve. You can have the meat on the plate done to perfection in only 3 minutes. After reading up on it more I want to give it a try.

My question for anyone who has used the method is what brand of sous vide machine do you recommend? I’ve heard Joule is a good one. Any others?

Also I’m interested in any other tips for cooking using this system.
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Re: Sous Vide?

Postby Lefty » 11 06, 2019 •  [Post 2]

Hm Ive had other foods,.. mostly frozen stews made that way,.. but never just meat

I may give that a try,.. if I get any more big game to process this year.
I like the idea of marinating when packaged. We just did that with some pork,.. but was cooked in a Trager
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Re: Sous Vide?

Postby GoGriz1234 » 11 09, 2019 •  [Post 3]

I’ve got the Anova and love it. Very handy and you can easily go from the freezer to cooked in an afternoon/ evening. Fun to play around with and experiment as well.
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Re: Sous Vide?

Postby lamrith » 11 12, 2019 •  [Post 4]

I have been interested in this as well. Not to be able to get your steaks done just right and not worry about overcooking.
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