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Anyone got a smoke?

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Anyone got a smoke?

Postby Jhg » 10 18, 2018 •  [Post 1]

My favorite elk/deer treatment is also super easy and the results are fantastic. I usually tilt my processing toward roasts so keep that in mind. Larger cuts work best.

Here it is. You will need a good gas grill. Better yet one with a rotisserie.

1) wipe trimmed roast with olive oil and season with salt and pepper or your rub of choice
2) have sweet wood chips and a means to get a good controlled smoke going with your grill. I like apple, alder, or fruitwood chips.
3) pre heat grill on high. Add wood chips and meat, reduce heat to about 300-325 ish. I never get too uptight about temp, just don't over cook it. Thats the worst sin of all and sure to get you tag soup next season.
4) A good size roast usually only takes 1hr to 1.5hrs or thereabouts so you can't over-smoke the meat. So keep a good roll of smoke coming out the lid. I usually put the front burner tube on high and dial back the others to hit the temp I want. That way the wood chip tray gets a good flame.

5) the ultimate test is kids or game meat haters. They love this and it is also really good sliced thin and served cold the next day or in a sandwich.
The smoke flavor is there but not too strong and never overpowers the meat.
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