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Wild game stock

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Wild game stock

Postby wawhitey » 09 03, 2022 •  [Post 1]

Does anybody do this? Next deer, elk, bear i kill, im going to give it a go. Just made an excellent pot of bear soup but using beef stock kinda defeats the purpose. Just seems wrong. So i looked up how to make stock and it seems easy enough. For years ive thrown the trimmed out bones of my critters in my back yard to lure in coyotes. This year i took them to the dump so the new neighbor pup wouldnt get them. Really regretting that now. I want to start using my bones to make home made stock for soups and stews. Just wondering if anybody else is experienced in this and what you may have learned in the proccess that might shorten my learning curve. Mostly i suspect ill be making bear stock in the future, with this as my rough guide to start. https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/h ... eef_stock/
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Re: Wild game stock

Postby 7mmfan » 09 03, 2022 •  [Post 2]

Following. I've been thinking about this for a while now.
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Re: Wild game stock

Postby Billy Goat » 09 21, 2022 •  [Post 3]

like you, I've not done it, but have thought about it.

part of my challenge is that once finished..... liquid stock is kinda bulky to store, and it's pretty cheap to buy on an as-needed basis.

so it's pretty easy just to go buy a quart or two of beef/chicken stock whenever you need it.
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Re: Wild game stock

Postby Lefty » 10 27, 2022 •  [Post 4]

I make mostly a veggie stock.
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