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Hand Signals

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Hand Signals

Postby Tigger » 01 05, 2021 •  [Post 1]

The bull answered immediately. My buddy had just let out a bugle and from less than 100 yards the response was intense. I slipped down the trail about 30 yards from my buddy. Here the bull came. But he stopped. He was looking back at his cows. I needed my buddy to give a soft mew. Nothing. Come on, I need .....oh wait...my buddy cannot see the bull! I slowly look back and sure enough, my buddy is staring at me. I give the hand signal for a cow call. The bull is torn. I give another signal for a call. Still the bull is torn between his cows and my buddy. I give the signal to ramp up the cow call intensity a bit. that does it. The bull decides he needs this new cow. He destroys a bush at 12 yards in front of me. Soon after, I slip an arrow between his ribs. Didn't goooo 20!

Without hand signals, I am pretty sure the story would have been another one of those -- he was so close but got away stories. Luckily, my buddy and I had gone over hand signals not 200 yards from where this encounter took place. Do you go over hand signals with your hunting buddy?

We basically have 5. Bull, cow, cow call, ramp up intensity, and bugle. What do you use? Have a story where you used them?

Swede, not sure you need them in a tree stand, but feel free to use ours if you like. :lol:
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby Swede » 01 05, 2021 •  [Post 2]

Are you kidding me? I use a lot of hand signals.

Arms out to the side and bent upwards at the elbow, palms in. Signal for disgust.
Hands folded in front of me with my elbows on my side. Signal for prayer. That one is for God only.
Head bent low and in hands. Signal for dejection and disappointment.
Hands in front palms up. Signal for "what now."
Arms down with the palms faced out. Signal for I can't believe what just happened. How did I just mess that one up?
Thumb(s) up on an extended arm pumping. Signal that I did not mess this one up. :D

Of coarse I use hand signals.
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby >>>---WW----> » 01 05, 2021 •  [Post 3]

Hand signals are something you have to work out between you and your partner prior to the hunt.

Here is a tactic that can be used on bedded muleys. And I don't see why it wouldn't work on elk as well. When you spot an animal from a distance, you can send one hunter in as a shooter and one remains a distance away where he can see both the quary as well as the spotter or signaler.. The whole idea is for the spotter to keep an eye on both the animal as well as the stalker and give hand signals to stalker for things such as distance and direction or what ever other things you can think of.

This tactic can be used at long distances like across a canyon or one hillside to another so long as the spotter can see both the shooter and the animal. If you are the shooter and are uncertain what move to make next, don't be afraid to flash your spotter with a signal mirror to get his attention so he can give you more directions.

Like I said, be sure to work out the meaning of your signals before hand.
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby saddlesore » 01 05, 2021 •  [Post 4]

There is one in Colorado that I see a lot of drivers use
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby Elkhunttoo » 01 05, 2021 •  [Post 5]

I remember several years ago sitting about 40-50 yards from my brother and looking and looking at him trying to send mind signals so that he would look at me. I had seen the bull and knew he needed to adjust and he never looked back at me. We talked it over after the “close call” and then the next day as I was shooter I did the same thing and failed to look back. I had a spike almost step on me but I never looked back to get the help I needed.

I’m glad this got brought up. I will remember to talk with our group and work on this...one thing we do is when the shooter gets to his spot we will squeeze our wind checker that way the caller can see what the wind is doing by the shooter
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby wawhitey » 01 05, 2021 •  [Post 6]

saddlesore wrote:There is one in Colorado that I see a lot of drivers use

Only one i know. Im fluent in it.
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby Indian Summer » 01 06, 2021 •  [Post 7]

Yep same here. One signal. It means you’re an idiot or what were you thinking.

Well there is one more. If you’re in the tent and the other guy starts waving one hand like he’s trying to shoo a fly in your direction it means you better hold your breath or run.
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby Swede » 01 06, 2021 •  [Post 8]

If you were the cook, that tent signal means "don't blame me, it is your own fault". If I was cooking, it means, "it is not my fault", it was the stuff you brought. Either way, you are getting just what you deserve. :D
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby Lefty » 01 07, 2021 •  [Post 9]

Swede you took this down hill as soon after responding to Indian Summer :lol:

Ok now I need to tell the story I had been silent for a long time, My daughter suspected I had fallen asleep. She peeked over the ridge and saw me waving my hand at my backside. Anther step and the bull busted

We need to work on better hand signals
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Re: Hand Signals

Postby ishy » 01 14, 2021 •  [Post 10]

We had discussed a few before I started crawling several hundred yards on hands and knees in the snow after a whitetail in a wheat field. I turned around to try and figure out where to go next when I heard crunching. The buck topped out on the ridge above me at 40 yards but I was so cold and flustered I couldn't draw (and I USE to have an 80 lb. bow). When I got back to my buddy I asked why he didn't give me any sign he said, "We didn't have a oh crap here he comes! sign".
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