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WapitiTalk1 "Out of Office"

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WapitiTalk1 "Out of Office"

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 09 09, 2021 •  [Post 1]

I'll be mostly out of cell service starting at some point on Saturday, 11 Elktember for a handful of weeks. Buddy and I will load the quad, bike, gear, trailer on Friday and hit the trail early the following morning. OK, you know the rules when I'm gone. "Follow the forum rules (at least one of the MODs will be watching for shenanigans at all times), no spitting, no swearing, no chewing with your mouth open, no burping, no fiddling with Swede's tree stand, no staying up past 10, and absolutely no driving of my red car". Wishing you all who are hunting elk this month the best of luck! I should be back in the office around the beginning of October. 8-) RJ
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Re: WapitiTalk1 "Out of Office"

Postby Tigger » 09 09, 2021 •  [Post 2]

Will do boss.

I found a loophole in the rules boys! Let's just wait until he is gone and then the mice will play!

Most of the rules stand as stated.....no spitting, no staying up past 10, no swearing, etc.

Best of luck RJ! Auger one of those beasts and bring him home for dinner! This is YOUR year!
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Re: WapitiTalk1 "Out of Office"

Postby GoGriz1234 » 09 10, 2021 •  [Post 3]

Good luck!! Bring home the (elk) bacon!
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Re: WapitiTalk1 "Out of Office"

Postby Lefty » 09 10, 2021 •  [Post 4]

I've been in the office since the 30th.
This morning was recovery day, more miles and elevation than we were prepared for.yesterday.

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Re: WapitiTalk1 "Out of Office"

Postby Billy Goat » 09 14, 2021 •  [Post 5]

good luck and aim small miss small while the rest of us run in the house with scissors!

24.5 days to launch for me. :(
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