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Safe & Secure

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Safe & Secure

Postby Swede » 10 13, 2018 •  [Post 1]

There are several obstacles to making tree stand hunting a fun part of your pursuit of elk.
There is the cost, the pack in and out of equipment and safety. Uncomfortable stands are common especially those small lightweight ones. Boredom stops some hunters, and I am not going to get into that here, but will on another thread.
Feeling safe and secure is of paramount importance. Who wants to be 20 or more feet up a tree, and not feel comfortable and at ease? I can snooze up there but don't advocate it. I could sleep, but it is hard to be aware of your surroundings if you are asleep And why be up in a tree if you are going to sleep? You might as well find a comfortable place on the ground.
From the time I leave the ground until I place my feet back on solid terra firma, I am secured by a safety line. OK, I admit I cheat sometimes when I set up my stand, but I have solid screw in steps and a very easy light hanger to secure to the tree bole. I don't cheat much, and if there is any doubt I have a climbing harness.
Anyway, my point is that you can safely ascend and descend a tree, and have no more to worry about than hiking around on the ground. When you are in the tree, you cannot fall because you are tied in by a harness and safety line.
Here are some dos and don'ts:
Never set up in a dead, partially dead or rotten tree. Make sure the tree is solid, large enough to support you and your gear, and is well rooted. Don't use one that appears to have its roots exposed from shaking in the wind, heavy snow loads, or other things. Know when you ascend the tree it is secure and safe. Do not use a tree that has other trees especially dead ones leaning over you. I have gone in before the season with a chain saw, and dropped dead trees so I could eliminate that issue. Do not compromise on your tree stand. I have seen junk used for a tree stand. A friend made his own and broke his leg trying to get in it. Use stands and equipment that has been approved by the TMA. Do not carry things in your hands while going up and down the tree. Use a drop line. I fell one time in my tree stand experience. I thought I could violate this safety procedure. The results were nearly fatal. I always let someone know where I am. Even if I need to call home, or leave a note saying where I am and when I will be back, I can and will be found. Don't go up a tree when there is ice and snow to contend with unless you are prepared to safely deal with it. I have gone up and sat in a stand, but it is different when there is ice on the steps and base of the stand. Bare hands and poor footing are courting injury even if you are tethered to the tree.
I am sure there are other safety things to consider like lightning and rain, but tree stand hunting can be safe and enjoyable if you do it right.
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