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My thoughts

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My thoughts

Postby Elkhunttoo » 09 20, 2020 •  [Post 1]

Well, we chose ground blinds over tree stands this year and it was a mistake. In a few of our spots the blinds were ok, but for the most part I feel the wind cost us some good opportunities. Tree stands will be hung next year. I will be doing an end of the year trail cam gathering to see where we will put as top prioritys but have a few already selected. I will be picking swedes brain for a year. I get to hunt mornings this week and the weekend so I'm not done yet. But tree stands will be a must for next year 8-)
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Re: My thoughts

Postby Swede » 09 22, 2020 •  [Post 2]

I too have found tree stands work better most of the time. The cow I shot a few days ago was in the bottom of a draw when at 8:30 AM the thermals were downslope. She could see and scented me unless I would have chosen to be in some special place where I had the advantage. I had the advantage of coarse. I was up in a tree.
BTW: It is easy to pick Swede's brain, but there is not much there.
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