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Hunting From Your Stand

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Hunting From Your Stand

Postby Swede » 10 24, 2018 •  [Post 1]

Did you tree stand hunt this year, or do you plan to? Let us know what you hunted for, what you have shot, and your future tree stand plans for the year. Also did you see anything special while you were in your stand?

I hunted twelve days and got a cow elk. That was all I was hunting for. After I got the elk I hunted four or five days from my stand waiting for a deer or a possible cougar. I never saw either of those, but I saw several bear including four in just one morning. One was quite large. I guess the most interesting thing was finding some new tree stand sites, that could prove to be valuable in the future.
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Re: Hunting From Your Stand

Postby Jhg » 10 25, 2018 •  [Post 2]

I hope to set up 4 stands next season. I often see great spots to hang a stand that would be nice to have in the quiver in case other plans go awry. Then I could just walk into the stand and its all ready to go. A nice thing if you need a go to solution for a day that so far has not panned out, whether no elk in the 1st spot or some other consideration. Some locations I have been grounding it but they are really better suited to a stand placed "just so".
I had the old lesson re-hammered into me this past season that limiting hunting spot choices is not a good practice elk hunting. You can get away with it some of the time, but eventually it will hurt your success.
Here is an old stand that I often wondered about. Finally met the guy who placed it this season. He said its been there over 15 years.
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