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How Far?

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How Far?

Postby Swede » 06 13, 2022 •  [Post 1]

I know that terrain makes a huge difference, but about how far from your camp or truck will you place a tree stand for elk?

Most of the time I hunt alone and place my stand downhill from a road so one mile is a push. With a downhill trail pack, I could handle two miles on my own.

I read about hunters going in a lot farther, but I have no horse or trail machine. For me it is dos pies (Spanish for two feet) all the way.
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Re: How Far?

Postby 7mmfan » 06 13, 2022 •  [Post 2]

If I had the right spot, I'd pack one in a few miles. 3 or 4 I suppose. I'm ok walking that far into a spot daily. I don't think I'd be bringing one into a spike camp with me.
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Re: How Far?

Postby Tigger » 06 13, 2022 •  [Post 3]

a tree stand? I would leave that sucker at home so I could have fun hunting elk! :o
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Re: How Far?

Postby Elkhunttoo » 06 13, 2022 •  [Post 4]

I’m taking mine this year! 8-)

Mine will be in around a mile…road on top and bottom and about a mile either way. Some steep country I’ve been hiking the last few years and I’m ready to let them come to me. I do have a horse for a pack out if need be
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