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How to embed a video

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How to embed a video

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 06 14, 2015 •  [Post 1]

If you wish to embed a video (you tube) here's how it's accomplished for this forum.

1. Find a video you wish to embed from you tube. I've located this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2n90KmwLX0.

2. Select all the link characters "after" the v=. For this video it will be "u2n90KmwLX0".

3. Just like I'm doing, click reply to a thread or post. When the white text box opens, click the youtube box on the top of the post. youtube youtube will pop up on your screen with brackes on the outside, and, brackets on the inside.

4. Right between the inside brackets ] and [, you'll paste the characters you've copied from the link. Click preview, and you should have an embedded VID!

5. After confirming you VID is embedded, select the submit button on bottom of the post. Congrats, you've embed a video!
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Re: How to embed a video

Postby GobbleFarmer » 06 14, 2015 •  [Post 2]

Thanks Phantom! :D Now I know!
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