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Boneless Meat Calculator

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Re: Boneless Meat Calculator

Postby Huntrgathr » 12 29, 2014 •  [Post 1]

Hey RJ, good on ya ! That's a nice little chart. Do you have a link or something to the original study ? I'd love to see how they came up with the boneless weights. I think the numbers are pretty close. In the restaurant world we figure 40% of " hanging weight" (basically the same as field dressed) is edible, boneless meat. The 50% they're taking about probably includes all the silver skin and connective tissue that we would trim off to make the meat freezer ready ...

It's really interesting to see the big, rapid weight gains of a bull at 3.5-4.5 vs 4.5-5.5 and to compare the weight gain to cows who are averaging just a nice steady 12# or so a year...
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Re: Boneless Meat Calculator

Postby GoldToyBox » 01 10, 2015 •  [Post 2]

Great info, thanks for posting it!
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Re: Boneless Meat Calculator

Postby wapitibowman » 01 12, 2015 •  [Post 3]

We shot 2 spikes this year. I was carrying a digital scale because I had to divide the meat for the panniers for my pack goats. That's right, pack goats (a whole other story)!! The first = 160lbs, the second = 150 lbs. Looks like this chart is accurate.

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