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I need clarification on cow calling.

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I need clarification on cow calling.

Postby mjblowers » 09 18, 2013 •  [Post 1]

Is there a time when cow calls should NEVER be used? There are times when I cannot discern what the elk is/was "saying" so rather than blow it with a misplaced bugle type, I usually toss out a cow mew. Is there a time when cow calling is just a complete no no?
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Re: I need clarification on cow calling.

Postby >>>---WW----> » 09 18, 2013 •  [Post 2]

Yes! The biggest problem with cow calling is the guys that over do it or call too much.

A good example of this is the guys that over do it in a silent or cold calling sequence. Or, take the time I had a bull coming in to my bugle. This dude pops over the hill about 200 yards away from me and starts pumping the heck out of his Hoochie Mama. In a way, it was sort of funny. I could see the bull very clearly all the time. And if you could read what an elk was thinking, it would have been something like, "What the hell is that"!

It did cost me a bull that was coming in good but it still was funny to watch that bull cock his head when that guy cut loose with his Hoochie Mama.

Stop and think about how often you hear cows make a bunch of racket unless they are on the move and keeping track of their calves. Or, after dark in a feeding area for the same reason. They just don't do it that often unless they are anxious or excited.
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Re: I need clarification on cow calling.

Postby cnelk » 09 18, 2013 •  [Post 3]

Each day in the elk woods is different.
Some days, loud, excited cows are the ticket, others, soft mews are the 'go to'.

My general rule is if I once see the elk, [especially if it is approaching] I will not call.
Other times, if I see an elk that is doing its natural thing like feeding, I will call softly and see what the response is.

Always, always let the elk determine the temperment of the calling....
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