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Spin a Yarn!

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Spin a Yarn!

Postby Tigger » 04 12, 2021 •  [Post 1]

Tell us a short outdoors related story! One we haven't heard. UCWarden, you must have a good one or two.

My kids loved (and still love) to go looking for deer. They were maybe 6,6 and 10 years old and we were driving around. My twin boys wanted to see an elk. Well, we dont have them in MN where I live. But they wanted to see one anyway. I said I have never seen an elk in MN. Silly kids. We literally drove 2 miles and there is a small 5X5 standing 200 yards off the road in field. It must have escaped from a farm or was a big wanderer. Never seen one since. they have never asked to see one in MN since. How ironic is that?
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Re: Spin a Yarn!

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 04 12, 2021 •  [Post 2]

Good thread and good story Tigger! I've got a few I'll share when I get a minute ;)
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Re: Spin a Yarn!

Postby 7mmfan » 04 12, 2021 •  [Post 3]

Several years ago... meaning probably close to 15 years ago now :shock: I drew my first branch antlered bull elk tag for eastern WA. At the time, the bull tag gave you 5 days to hunt before the general elk opener, which was always on a Saturday. Deer season ended on the Sunday before, meaning the day before the special permit season started. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I arrived on Saturday, 2 days before my permit season opened planning to scout for elk and deer hunt at the same time. I found a few elk, but saw no bucks in that Saturday and Sunday. Monday comes and I had an uneventful morning hunt. Back to camp eat lunch and then head back out for the evening hunt. As I'm walking up the old closed grade towards the canyon I wanted to spend the evening in, I almost walk right by a beautiful 4 point mule deer bedded right next to the grade. I skid to a halt, expecting him to leap from his bed, but he just laid there and watched me, not more than 20 yards away. The day before he would have been toast, but today, he was safe, and he knew it.

I ended up eating that bull tag, as I got picky and passed on a couple small bulls early in the hunt and then couldn't find a bull of any form for the rest of the season.
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Re: Spin a Yarn!

Postby Lefty » 04 12, 2021 •  [Post 4]

7mmfan wrote:Anyway, I arrived on Saturday, 2 days before my permit season opened planning to scout for elk and deer hunt at the same time.mmmmmm.

I think my daughter missed up on that same buck sitting the same way a few years ago. :lol: The buck laying down looking like that pic. I ranged the buck for her. 27 yards, she wouldn't believe it was alive because it wasn't moving,.. then it did :oops:

An older short story . Walked into a sports shop in Longview Washington. I was purchasing something. And my 3 year old daughter, kept waking around a support post , In a quiet, low throaty voice in a slow tone pointed up at this 3x3 elk head hanging on a post.

Biiiig Buck,,, Big Buck!
A fellow at the counter and a sales guy just couldn't control their laughter.

Proud dad moment :D
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