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PCT Through Hike

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PCT Through Hike

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 12 19, 2020 •  [Post 1]

Just curious, have any of you wild bohemians done it?
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Re: PCT Through Hike

Postby Swede » 12 20, 2020 •  [Post 2]

I worked on two ranger districts the PCT passed through. I have never walked an inch of it. I have no reason or excuse. It just did not seen special or important at the time. I wish I had.
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Re: PCT Through Hike

Postby Billy Goat » 12 21, 2020 •  [Post 3]

one of my coworkers and his wife attempted it in 2019. they made it to northern CA before ankle issues became too problematic for the wife.

they spent the rest of the summer up in Alaska and had a pretty awesome time.

they had an online blog they would update periodically, and said they really enjoyed it while it (they) lasted.
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Re: PCT Through Hike

Postby 7mmfan » 12 21, 2020 •  [Post 4]

I have not. I hunt a couple areas along it but I bet my total mileage on the PCT itself is less than 5. I have run into a few thru hikers, they are always cordial and appreciate calories. I had a good conversation with one guy, shared some bear sausage with him. He thought I might have been Jesus. He was way nicer than the masked couple that about stampeded into the brush when they saw my Dad and I coming down the trail towards them with rifles strapped to our packs. :roll: That's a whole nother conversation though, a couple that presumably lives together hiking in the wilderness by themselves, wearing masks to avoid Covid. Made me shake my dang head.
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Re: PCT Through Hike

Postby Tigger » 12 21, 2020 •  [Post 5]

That reminds me of a story from this past summer in Rocky Mountain National Park. We were hiking and most of the other hikers were scared to death of Covid. I mean like over the top petrified. They would be wearing masks and when they saw us, they would literally run sometimes 50 yards off the trail. Well one time, we encounter 2 hikers coming at us with no place to get off the trail. They were almost dying of fright. They had the weirdest, biggest, thickest masks I have ever seen. The look in their eyes was something to behold. And right as we are passing them, one of my 12 year old boys starts coughing. Really hacking. And the hikers almost have a brain aneurism on the spot. But I knew better. It was all I could do to keep from laughing as I could tell it was a fake cough. After we got buy them, I had to scold my son, but I had to admit to him that he couldn't have possibly picked a better couple to do that to!
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Re: PCT Through Hike

Postby Lefty » 12 22, 2020 •  [Post 6]

]Ive walked a short piece near Cascade National park. A bit more while in BSA in Oregon, Washington.

Two years ago My wife and I picked up 6 whose trip ended because of the Cresent fire. . My wife became good FB friends and blogger with one gal .

Ive ridden, driven hiked and hunted along the CDC. Given a few hiker and bikers rides down the road, given them good fruit veggies and water.

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