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Wait till your father gets home mister!

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Wait till your father gets home mister!

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 12 17, 2020 •  [Post 1]

WW's comment in 7mm's "How did you get game without shooting or trapping it?" thread made me chuckle and brought up some memories from many, many moons ago. With three boys, three years apart in age (the two girls came later and didn't seem to need much steering), my mother used the "wait until your father gets home" correction tactic numerous times, pretty much weekly I believe. Her immediate weapon of choice, when myself or one of my brothers misbehaved badly was her ninja slipper; she was deadly accurate with either left or right slipper. Of course, as we grew in age, weight, and height.... a slipper blow (either via a swatting motion or thrown like an axe) to the back of the neck or shoulder, was not as effective as when we were younger. Once we outgrew any fear of the slipper weapon, sometimes we'd "chuckle" as it didn't hurt... then the "wait till your father gets home" would come into play. OK, that's my set up for a short story. Once fine summer day in Paradise, Montana... my younger brother and I thought it would be funny to "place" our pet crow in the house with our mom. We pushed a reluctant Caw (that was his name, Caw Crow) in to the back screen door and hid around the side of the house. The screaming, then sounds of a swinging broom knocking counter items over as the crazed woman smacked at poor Caw, trying to herd him back outside via the back porch door, ensured almost immediately. It didn't last long, perhaps a minute or so (as my brother Justin and I snickered outside, beside the screened porch), before poor Caw was "swept" out the door and down the steps. He gave us a nasty side stare and flew back up to his room above the garage. We were busted almost immediately as two running, snickering 10 and 13 year old boys aren't hard to spot. My mom forewent the normally accepted slipper beating and told us both to sit on the couch "until your father gets home". Well that stunk in a lot of way, heck it was summer and we had stuff to do outside! We sat there several hours till pop came into the kitchen with his two saws (pop was a faller in the woods). He had a bit of dinner, sharpened his saws, and only then came in and asked us what happened... "and don't lie" he said. After the two criminals confessed to the heinous crime, pop said "who's first" :shock:. I usually chose to go first and get it over with. I'll tell you this, my pop did not use a slipper on our butts....... :lol:

OK, anybody else have a "wait till your father gets home" story they'd like to share? :D
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Re: Wait till your father gets home mister!

Postby Swede » 12 17, 2020 •  [Post 2]

I think the worst I got was for shooting my brother with my BB gun. I know I hurt more than he did when it was over.
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Re: Wait till your father gets home mister!

Postby Billy Goat » 12 18, 2020 •  [Post 3]

my dad said those words were music to his ears.

said his dad would give an unemotional tailwhipping, since he wasnt the one offended.

but his momma would grab him by the left wrist with hers, and then whip him in a circle. :)
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Re: Wait till your father gets home mister!

Postby Lefty » 12 19, 2020 •  [Post 4]

The three of us brothers heard that threat a few times. But us boys were pretty well behaved.
It wasnt till we,,,,,, well my middle brother after HS , he needed a bit of discipline, but was beyond parental teaching

When younger a handful of times it was my dads belt. My perfect disposition carried my brothers safely through HS.

My wife and I had three daughters,.. everyone kept telling us you just wait,.. . It never happened
I just found these, trail cam middle daughter skipping school


youngest two and me skipping school 10 years ago. If you look close the building in back is the Highschool
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