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Postby Swede » 11 24, 2020 •  [Post 1]

You may be young and have a lot of years to work on it, or the finish line may be well within sight for you, but what do you want your hunting legacy to look like?

I think there are a lot of things that are baked into the cake I have made and will not leave regardless of anything I do on the way to the finish line.
I have always been somewhat reluctant to change hunting areas and hunting tactics. I like simple, but solid equipment. I am willing to experiment with the new and improved, but keep a backup.
I enjoy the hunt and will stick with it every season and for as many seasons as possible. I have always been willing to share what I know if I think it can help. I have mostly just hunted deer and elk, and don't travel out of State much. I have almost always been able to see things others miss, and recognize the significance of what is there.

So, let's hear what others think their legacy may be.
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Re: Legacy

Postby wawhitey » 11 24, 2020 •  [Post 2]

My hunting legacy? Im hoping to kill enough predators in my lifetime to have some beneficial impact, no matter how small, on the ungulate numbers around here. Maybe by killing one specific bear, a fawn will survive that otherwise would not have, and hell grow to be some kids booner. Never know. Everything we do as hunters has an impact, whether its noticable or provable or not. I want my hunting legacy to be a house packed with predator skulls and furs that some person is going to have to deal with after i die. I think that would be a satisfactory legacy. Some poor sap tasked with clearing out my house, looking around and saying damn, how many bears did this weirdo kill???
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Re: Legacy

Postby Tigger » 11 25, 2020 •  [Post 3]

Mine is all about youth. I started a Youth Outdoor Activity Day that has exploded to over 2,000 kids and been featured nationally. We have expanded that into a local program by partnering with the schools that is taking off in the form of a gear library, trail cams behind schools, etc. For my personal hunting legacy, I just want people to say, he was a darn good hunter. That is good enough for me.

But I have to admit, wawhitey's legacy is cooler than mine!
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Re: Legacy

Postby 7mmfan » 11 25, 2020 •  [Post 4]

That's a tough one. I'm going to have to ponder this one a little bit. On that note, taking my son duck hunting this weekend. He doesn't know it yet, but it's going to be exciting. A float down the river in the dark, jump shoot a pond, watch the doggo swim around with ducks in her mouth, float out with lots of snacks and hot chocolate.
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Re: Legacy

Postby Lefty » 11 25, 2020 •  [Post 5]

Maybe Ill tag onto my brothers legacy of teaching and sharing of the outdoors and experiences. And a few innovations and shared too much information and too many secrets :lol:

Swede give yourself some more credit, (The rest of you plug your ears and turn away Im about to compliment Swede) Your book is very worthy,.. even many of your threads and posts :D
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