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Going on 70...

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Going on 70...

Postby Trumkin the Dwarf » 10 06, 2020 •  [Post 1]

hunts, that is.

I've been mostly relegated to chasing pigs and deer on public land here in Texas with my bow. It's been at least 60 trips (including my CO mule deer hunt last fall) since I last killed anything bigger than a squirrel with my recurve. This crap gets old after a while! All that to say, when do you give up on something? Not quite yet, has always been my answer. Hang in there, all you guys who've had a run of bad luck. It could always be worse, and it only takes one critter to break the streak.
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Re: Going on 70...

Postby Swede » 10 06, 2020 •  [Post 2]

This was a very tough year for me. I sat about 200 hours in my tree stand before I had a single shot opportunity. Sightings were rare with long stretches in between. Still I got up early and went out day after day. I came back from my afternoon hunt just before dark. I was determined to stay unto the end if that is what it took. Finally things changed and I had my elk. It always changes. The question is: Am I still in the game or not?
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Re: Going on 70...

Postby Billy Goat » 10 17, 2020 •  [Post 3]


where are you at in TX? I'm in the Denton area.

as a native, I might be able to offer some counsel on our local herd, regs, etc.

if you want to talk, shoot me a PM with your #.

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