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Postby Lefty » 04 02, 2021 •  [Post 1]

Freezer or coolers???

My wife may want to kill me. :? I am missing out on bear baits.
We gave away our upright freezer and our fridge has plenty of room if necessary.

Realistically a freezer ( and generator ) is easier than coolers at camp. I keep looking at the 5 cubic foot freezers $150-200.

Years ago we hauled a freezer for fur. Froze pelts then stacked them in a cold pile. Didnt work too great, just better off taking every few days and run them to some sort of storage or sale..
Were close to home, my wife and horse are just a couple hours away.

So how do you plan to manage your game meat this year! At camp and home.
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Re: Freezer????

Postby Tigger » 04 02, 2021 •  [Post 2]

Freezer. Been doing it for years. Works great.
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Re: Freezer????

Postby 7mmfan » 04 02, 2021 •  [Post 3]

I don't hunt anywhere far enough away from home, or during times of the year where warmth is a real issue. I use coolers with great success and will continue to do so. The idea of adding a freezer and generator to my setup seems ridiculous. We also rarely go for lengths of time that are long enough to warrant it. 10 days max. I have poor self control so I often kill something in the first day or two and have a good system for dealing with the meat, usually ending in a fully processed animal in vac sealed bags resting in coolers with ice for a few days before heading home. It works great.

Lean red meat is very forgiving if you can just keep it cold. Case in point. I just ate a roast from my mule deer this year. A round roast. It took me 10 days to get it to the freezer after the kill this year. 2 of the days were spent vacuum sealed in coolers. I then pulled it from the freezer, put a rub on it and wrapped in plastic wrap. It sat in the fridge for a full 7 days before I smoked it. Now at 17 days not frozen. It was one of the best roasts I've ever eaten. Pull apart with your fingers tender, just like good roast beef.
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Re: Freezer????

Postby Swede » 04 02, 2021 •  [Post 4]

I have a small freezer and a generator, but I just never take them with me. I go with a couple of coolers and ice.
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Re: Freezer????

Postby wawhitey » 04 03, 2021 •  [Post 5]

Coolers full of ice, ready to go. Throw the meat in and jam home. Thats my warm weather method. A refrigerated trailer or something would be awesome though. Kill bear, hang meat, keep hunting. Yeah, i need to look into that. Never get to hunt elk or deer in the warm season really.
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