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Short gear reviews

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Short gear reviews

Postby Lefty » 10 12, 2021 •  [Post 1]

Redhead Grid Lite pants ( Cabelas) $39.00
Designed for those hot spring turkey hunts. I needed a hot weather archery elk pant and liked these. They have over 40 days of wear and do show the wear. They were cool on the hot days which was my purpose for the purchase. At the waist band is a silicone strip which keeps shirts tucked in and pants up. 8/10 good value

Over-the-Calf Hunters Darn Tough Socks $31.00 The only brand Ive owned that stay up after a dozen washes. The price was painfull,, until I wore them. 9/10 Very pleased. I will be ordering more

Sitka Cold Weather hoody $199 I wanted something extra for those Colder October hunts. Sitka rates the hoody high for warmth and durability, and was not rated for rain.
For me warmth and light weight are impressive. While not rated for rain the hoody did shed some rain and protected very well in the driving winds. I like the built face mask . 9/10

Sitka Core lightweight hoody $119 I really wanted a lightweight, high necked, long sleeved shirt for warm weather. This was it. With a hood and face mask. Really the perfect piece of upper wear for early season. Enough stretch to fit over my belly, long sleeves with thumb loops. Easy to wash and dry daily at camp. Nearly perfect 9/10
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Re: Short gear reviews

Postby Swede » 10 13, 2021 •  [Post 2]

I purchased two Marino wool sweaters from Good Will. One is doing great, but the other did not hold up very well and is coming apart. It can be re-stitched for more use, but I expect better from my Good Will clothes. The one from Banana Republic gets a 10/10 for price and quality, but the other is only a 5/10. Let me give a big shout out to B.R. for such a great value. It just goes to show that a name is not what it is all about.
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Re: Short gear reviews

Postby 7mmfan » 10 13, 2021 •  [Post 3]

I wish I could participate, but I haven't bought any new gear this year. GASP! :shock: My systems are pretty much dialed in, other than my boots. Talking with Schnees about that now. They recommended trying different insoles to see if I could get a different angle on the pinch point that might relieve it. We'll see how it goes this weekend.
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Re: Short gear reviews

Postby Jhg » 10 18, 2021 •  [Post 4]

Abowyer pack hook. Its a tool so useful when processing an animal I refuse to hunt without it.
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