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4-Basic Elk Sounds For Your Hunts!

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4-Basic Elk Sounds For Your Hunts!

Postby ElkNut1 » 06 05, 2012 •  [Post 1]

Put in the practice now in becoming familiar with the various sounds during the off season & your confidence will soar with high expectations by the opener! This is something we all need every year no matter our level of calling experience! Before you know it you will be accomplishing some very respectable sounds, then master those sounds, this means being able to bring a sound up on demand, you then will not be intimidated by close in your face encounters where a needed sound may be what seals the deal, this is more noticeable with bull sounds! Sounds to master are #-1 Cow/Calf mews & chirps! #-2 Location Bugle #-3 Challenge Bugle #-4 Nervous/Popping Grunt! These sounds are very doable for a 1st time elk hunter! For best results use a single reed mouth diaphragm!

For extra sounds once these others are mastered consider Voice groans & squeals & cow sounds with your voice! The number 1 sound you can master with ones voice is the Nervous/Popping Grunt, in time this one sound will be the reason you kill way more elk than your buddies! (grin) Practice these things & you will be able to adapt to any encounter thrown your way! No need to overload yourself in learning the rest of the above sounds mentioned at this time, it's far more important to understand the elk language as a whole than to be able to make all those sounds, just work on the 4 & you can introduce new ones as you feel the need & time allows!
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