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Why Cows Bugle?

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Why Cows Bugle?

Postby ElkNut1 » 06 03, 2012 •  [Post 1]

Cows will bugle for the same reasons a bull would bugle to keep in contact with his present herd or harem. This bugling used by cows as bulls would is recognized by the group members & instills this in them as they congregate with other herds or are getting too far away & cannot not be seen by the dominant cow. It can give direction & too will show the others of the group where the others are. Several cows can bugle at the same time yet be different enough that their sound is unique that it is known in an instant by those cows of each separate group. As pre-rut & peak-rut come into play this role is now taken over by the present herd bull. Hence, you will rarely see a cow bugle during these phases, it's generally done by the cows outside of rutting times!
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