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Lone Hunter Tactics!

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Re: Lone Hunter Tactics!

Postby ElkNut1 » 06 03, 2012 •  [Post 1]

These are good solo hunter tactics but can also be used successfully with 2 or more hunters!

Things to look for so you know if you're dealing with a Herd Bull or not! When using cow sounds & a bull responds several times to your calls but does not come your way hardly at all it's a solid bet he's got cows & is calling you to the group as he doesn't like leaving them unattended for too long. Distance can also come into play here, once you are being invited to come their way, do it, you are giving him what he's asking for. Satellites on the other hand are much more apt to come your way especially if there's more than one of them, it can get competitive as to who gets there 1st!
At times you will get between 2 Bulls bugling anywhere from 300--yds to 1/4 mile apart yet they are not approaching one another, this is a good chance both have their own cows or else one of the bulls would be much closer to the actual herd in search of a cow that may stray from the herd. This is especially so as the rut picks up! If you get between these bulls & give very excited whines & mews you will get their attention big time! If one is a satellite he's most likely the one that will show up as long as you're not seen or winded. If it's the Herd Bull you want, forget about the Satellite & get the wind right with cover & go at him with those whines of acceptance! You should be able to distinguish one from the other by their mature sounds & aggressive calling. If both sound mature then both can be good candidates! (grin)

So, when dealing with HERD BULLS with cow sounds be prepared to give him what he asks for, this calls for aggressiveness in both action & calling on your part, watch your approach & ALWAYS look out for other elk on your way to him!
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