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Tag Teaming Elk!

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Tag Teaming Elk!

Postby ElkNut1 » 06 03, 2012 •  [Post 1]

Callers & Shooters both have a big responsibility in a "Tag Team Setup" --- Not only is the "shooter" relying on your selective sounds & realistic approach to an encounter but he too is counting on you using sounds that fit the encounter! Too, your positioning as the caller is vital to bring in elk by the shooter not straight at the shooter. Of course there's no guarantees in elk hunting/calling but you can up ones odds by not being "right behind" the shooter, make sure you as caller are off to one side 10-15 yds if within 30 yds. If the distance is greater then use a bit more real estate. The Shooter needs shooting lanes so don't bury oneself in needless brush where drawing or seeing is an issue, at times the shooter may need to re-position as things develop so don't hinder oneself from doing so! As shooter sets up if time permits grab a couple of rocks/sticks in case you need to toss them away from you if you feel the bull coming is not going where you need him too, tossing something heavy can redirect him thinking he hears an elk where the disturbance happened! As caller do your best when terrain allows to position ones self in a manner where he's completely hidden from view from oncoming elk. At times this means lying on the ground on your side when calling. Other times you'll have adequate cover where you need to be able to retreat under certain situations as you continue calling as if this elk (you) is leaving! This is very important if imitating a small bull stealing a cow or a cow loosing interest in a bulls vocal attempts to draw her nearer! This can get a bull to commit to coming closer! Take into consideration places to setup when possible, avoid large openings in front of setup or lots of downfall that can discourage an elks approach. As the caller have your bow nearby with an arrow nocked, you never know when a bull shows up to you silently!

Too, I like setting up as caller where dead limbs or brush is readily available to break/snap/rake around along with foot stomping & such, what's ever needed to make it real !!! As a Caller do your best to avoid "sneaking" a peek to see where the bull is or if he's coming, this can ruin many a hunts by being impatient! Be willing to wait 20-30min in a setup. As caller have a signal that both you & the Shooter are familiar with before you get tired of your setup & just pop up to go see how things are going with the shooter. Shooter, you do likewise, you never know when a bull will slip in the back door to the Caller! A soft cow call or turkey yelp in a non-violent sound or something that fits your area. If no sound is returned "stay put" you never know when a bull walks in silent & is staring down your position & the shooter needs a better angle for a shot---Radios can be an asset where legal too! Do your best to acquaint yourself with your partner & thus be on the same page!! Tag Teaming can be one of the most productive ways to hunt elk when both parties think & act a like!
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