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Midday Elk Techniques!

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Midday Elk Techniques!

Postby ElkNut1 » 06 20, 2012 •  [Post 1]

When elk are fairly quiet with little calling on their own yet you know they're in the area, think like an elk!!! Of course sitting active waterholes/wallows at this time is a no-brainer, but when they cannot be found there are other considerations! At times I'll just sit in areas where sound carries & I can hear well & LISTEN for bulls or cows to sound off. If it's a bull I try to determine if it's a satellite or herd bull & work him from that evaluation as they should be worked differently! If you setup to do some "blind calling" make sure you're not a mile away from where you've pinpointed them? You must make it convenient for them to come your way, get within 150yds as long as you will not be seen on your approach!

Now to pull elk/bulls your direction you must give them a reason to do so. Sometimes just a few seductive cow mews on low volume & patiently waiting does the trick! In other cases a few cow calls or a bugle just doesn't get it done. You then need to be creative & create excitement. Think what would you do if you heard someone talking 200yds away while you're hunting, most likely you'd think no big deal & you don't need to go their way. But what if there was shouting & chaotic stuff happening? It could quite possibly urge you to go check it out?

Elk need to be triggered at times to do this very thing, even though they may not be in an aggressive nature you can get the best of their curiosity!
I've pulled bulls in when within earshot of bedding areas, some light stomping around & chuckling 5-6 times in a row with 5 or 6 chuckles in each series over a few minute span & then would add some bull whines & groans & more chuckles & more whines all in a 5-10min period. Now this has other elk in area take notice!
In most cases satellites will come on over to check you out as well as cows & spike groups. I've had this happen countless times on Midday adventures!

I've also used nothing but stomping around & raking & thrashing just enough to be heard well by other elk that I knew/felt were nearby. I have brought in bulls on the run with this as well as some just show out of no where 20minutes later as I was sitting there with my guard down! Oops!! (grin) Sometimes I add rattling, it all depends on my gut instinct that day or vocalness of elk!

Other times I start slow with cow/calf mewing off & on for a couple of minutes. After a few minutes with some silence I slowly escalate to very whiny & pitchy tones for 20sec or so then turn around & throw out a good lip bawl scream or 2 with some un-predictable chuckling followed up with more whining & chuckles. This shows a bull trying to call this cow his way. Add stomping light thrashing & slowly fizzle it down & wait!
In all these instances & others I move up 30-40yds & setup there away from where the elk have the last sounds pin-pointed, doing this & moving the direction elk may come to get your wind. I generally plan on staying up to an hour. Elk don't always show in a few minutes, be patient & allow things to develop , stay alert!

If I know I'm within 75-80yds of a bedding area, (notice I said I know the elk are there) I'll start with raking & pawing the ground lightly, I'll wait 5 minutes & watch & listen intently for movement or raking. If nothing I will give a few pants & a couple light chuckles, this is showing a bull right near his bedroom trying to call his cows over too him. There's times a bull will come storming over, or again sneak in to check you out. After you've stopped & are listening/watching intently you may hear the real bull raking himself. This is showing you he wants you to show yourself to size one another up, this is your time to get into killing mode! Lots of things come to mind at this time of the afternoon. Think outside the box!! (grin)

On satellites I get as close as one dares & setup & call him over with very soft & sweet cow mews, just a couple though! Then be patient & wait, watch the wind from where he may show-up, again, after calling move up a safe distance, this a great spot for a decoy setup.
The reason I don't do this with a herd bull is that in many cases he will hang-up & hold his ground & try to call this cow to him instead of leaving his harem unattended to collect one more cow! If this happens it's time for either the Threat or you stay with the cow calls in a mid volume excited fashion as you go right at him & give him what he wants, this cow!!! In doing so do not worry about stomping towards him & breaking sticks/branches etc. he fully expects these types of natural sounds as she heads his way!

Lots of things come to mind at this time of the afternoon. Think outside the box!! (grin) This photo shows us on a vantage area where we can hear & see very well, we watch & listen for elk to call or get up & move about midday!

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